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Our digital maturity has reached a level where we have crossed the line towards a 360°-view of our customers, and websites are more than a company presentation or an engagement platform. The entire system landscape of a company is digital. 
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A website should not exist as a separate entity anymore. It needs to be integrated into the business to provide customers with more targeted, personalized experiences. CRM Connect for Kentico by EMAKINA offers a system integration solution for Kentico and Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Based on a flexible middleware approach, with CRM Connect for Kentico you can subscribe for events that occur in Kentico - whether it is a new contact, a form submission, or a new newsletter subscriber! CRM Connect is an out-of-the-box product: install it, configure it, do some basic testing of your whole environment, and you are ready to go!

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A certified extension

EMAKINA CEE is Kentico's first technology partner in Europe.
CRM Connect was built by EMAKINA CEE in tight cooperation with Kentico. Powered by Kentico's Technology Partnership Program CRM Connect was validated by Kentico to ensure that it meets required quality and security standards, and performs well on the Kentico platform. At the same time there is guaranteed technical support, hotfixing, and regular updates to Kentico's latest version. This means it is a risk-free extension that you can use for your projects.

More about Kentico's Technology Partnership Program
"Working with Emakina's team was a really great experience. One of the things I liked most was having their dedicated CRM experts on board throughout the development. It helped us stay on the right track and find answers to any crazy CRM questions. I feel strongly that the results of this great cooperation are visible across all of CRM Connect. Give it a try!"
Petr Vozak
Petr Vozak
Technology Partnership Product Owner at Kentico


Flexible middleware
Transferring form submissions
Synchronizing contacts
Maintenance and regular updates

Flexible middleware

The middleware application sends all incoming objects via a REST service to a message queue, where the objects get transformed and transfered to the target system. Every step of the workflow can be manually configured.

Transferring form submissions

Specific on-line form submissions can be transferred automatically to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. For example, every entry of a user registration form can be transformed into a lead in your CRM.

Synchronizing contacts

Contacts from a website can be transferred automatically to your CRM and back to your website. For example, every change within your CRM's contacts can be synchronized with the corresponding contact in Kentico.

Maintenance and regular updates

CRM Connect for Kentico gets maintained and extended constantly. A UI to ease the configuration and further services, e.g. to ESP, ERP or PIM systems are to be expected in the near future.

All inclusive - for 2.999 EUR

CRM Connect for Kentico including a one-year licence costs 2.999 EUR plus 30% maintenance renewal p.a. Furthermore, there is a free 2-hour consultation package included to help you get started. If you need any additional consulting that exceeds standard technical support, you can buy 1 consultation credit (30 minutes) for an additional 76 EUR.

You just want to give CRM Connect for Kentico a try? Then order a free, no strings attached 30-day trial! We will not ask for your credit card data after your free trial expires.

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